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Jackpot Winners Party

Online Drawings
Winners Posted Tuesday, June 30

Jackpot Winners Party


Win up to $5,000 Mysticash!
If you won a handpay jackpot between March 1 and June 29 at Mystic Lake or Little Six, you were automatically entered! Congratulations to all our June winners!

June 2020 Jackpot Party Drawing Winners!
*To activate your Mysticash, please insert your Club M® card into any slot machine by 11:59 pm Tuesday, July 14.

Name Club M Number Prize
Tara M. 879387 $5,000 Mysticash
Moses N. 1644326 $1,000 Mysticash
Diane D. 202715 $1,000 Mysticash
Bobbi Jo R. 1066404 $750 Mysticash
Ha P. 2135047 $750 Mysticash
Jennifer D. 488702 $500 Mysticash
Diane F. 16126 $500 Mysticash
Kevin R. 2018051 $500 Mysticash
Bradley L. 2121713 $500 Mysticash
Rebecca H. 1246935 $500 Mysticash
Clarence D. 1805915 $500 Mysticash
Kevin G. 775038 $500 Mysticash
Travis R. 1276716 $500 Mysticash
James B. 19487 $500 Mysticash
Theodore P. 1827759 $500 Mysticash
Roopesh L. 289550 $400 Mysticash
Remonia K. 803795 $400 Mysticash
Sarah O. 2202661 $400 Mysticash
Darlene H. 739896 $400 Mysticash
Joshua T. 1620549 $400 Mysticash
Matthew M. 618777 $400 Mysticash
Kasondra J. 2075193 $400 Mysticash
Ever O.M. 774134 $400 Mysticash
Terry F. II 2023871 $400 Mysticash
Bradley B. 766552 $400 Mysticash
Ryan H. 762415 $400 Mysticash
Blair R. 1649666 $400 Mysticash
Emebet A.B. 1252485 $400 Mysticash
Harvey F. 647636 $400 Mysticash
Renee T. 1538625 $400 Mysticash
Truc H. 1579221 $400 Mysticash
Travis J. 800348 $400 Mysticash
Juliet J. 2015274 $400 Mysticash
Amanda P-I. 1502297 $300 Mysticash
Ae Y. 1586766 $300 Mysticash
Garrin A. 148379 $300 Mysticash
Thomas J. 82665 $300 Mysticash
Laquanda J. 2175925 $300 Mysticash
Christopher R.E. Jr. 2253444 $300 Mysticash
Elias Y. 133156 $300 Mysticash
Richard B. 358428 $300 Mysticash
Jeremy S. 1770528 $300 Mysticash
Shellene D. 712744 $300 Mysticash
David G. 164889 $300 Mysticash
Robin S. 954883 $300 Mysticash
Patrick D. 2136989 $300 Mysticash
Jeffrey M. 883068 $300 Mysticash
Brent T. 2057736 $300 Mysticash
Jeffrey R. 60853 $300 Mysticash
Tequela S. 71505 $250 Mysticash
Paul M. 1287838 $250 Mysticash
Renee S. 1389081 $250 Mysticash
Terry R. 811697 $250 Mysticash
Constance S. 23271 $250 Mysticash
Joseph K. 484290 $250 Mysticash
Karen W. 1719888 $250 Mysticash
Michelle K. 1913779 $250 Mysticash
  • Guests must be Club M® members to participate. Club M membership is free.
  • Guests must be 18+.
  • Guests will receive one drawing entry for every jackpot earned playing slots at Mystic Lake and Little Six March 1 – June 30, 2020.
  • Eligible guests do not need to activate their entries or be present to win.
  • Drawings will be completed by a promotions team member and uploaded to on June 30 by 12 pm.
  • Winners are solely responsible for checking to see if they won.
  • Guests will have 14 days to claim their prize on property.
  • One guest will be drawn to receive a $5,000 Mysticash® Grand Prize.
  •  Guests are eligible to win one preliminary drawing per promotional day unless otherwise defined in the details and rules.
  • Guests who win a preliminary drawing are still eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • Guests must have a valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID and provide a valid Social Security number to win cash and prizes.
  • Mysticash winners must activate their free play within the time allotted per SMSC Gaming Enterprise Management.
  • Mysticash winners must use their free play within 90 days of issuance.
  • Winners shall be solely responsible for federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Guest participation in this promotion indicates acceptance to permit the use of name and/or likeness in advertising and promotional materials. Failure to agree will result in a forfeit of prizes won.
  • The following individuals are ineligible to participate: (1) SMSC Members and their immediate family members that reside in the same household; (2) SMSC Gaming Enterprise employees and their immediate family members that reside in the same household; (3) employees of any Gaming Enterprise advertising or printing vendor; and (4) employees of any vendor sponsoring the promotion.
  • Any dispute or situation not covered by the above house rules will be resolved by SMSC Gaming Enterprise management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and/or binding on all contestants.
  • SMSC Gaming Enterprise management reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. All decisions of management are final.